This page is being rebuilt during September 2017, most of the info below (apart from the first para) is out of date…


For up-to-date information about mistletoe, and mistletoe issues in general, have look through the information and links here.

Mistletoe News:
The Mistletoe Diary is a good source of general news, with new stories and features throughout mistletoe season – do have a look for information there – and use the search facility on the Diary (in the right-hand column on the Diary page) if you’re looking for specific info.

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For straight-talking mistletoe gossip visit Jonathan Briggs’ Mistletoe Diary.

…..old mistletoe information sources and links for media – journalists, press offices, broadcasters, newspapers, magazines and websites.

Key media information this (2014/15) season includes the relocation of the Tenbury Mistletoe Auctions and the re-launch of the various mistletoe survey projects (the ‘Mistletoe League’). More on both these stories is on the News page.

For general background information on mistletoe you can browse these Mistletoe Pages or access the various Mistletoe Information Sheets (and other downloads) prepared by the Mistletoe Matters consultancy – all of those are listed here.

There is, of course, ongoing mistletoe news throughout the season on Jonathan Briggs’ Mistletoe Diary, which you can follow on WordPress or via Facebook or Twitter.

For the current Mistletoe Management Survey Project visit the Mistletoe League Survey Project

A promotional picture for Waitrose’s mistletoe stock in 2010

For generic and previous years’ mistletoe media information you can also try the Media Resources section of the Mistletoe Matters Consultancy website.

Older News Releases from the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival:

16th November 2012: More Dough for a Season of Berry Kisses

5th November 2012: Mistletoe Association celebrates with a local tipple

30th October 2012: England’s Mistletoe Capital prepares for a season of berry kisses

4th October 2012:  England’s Mistletoe Capital prepares for a season of berry kisses





Older (some very old) news below…


A Little Book About Mistletoe is now available in a Kindle edition: Jonathan Briggs’ little book introducing all aspects of mistletoe, first published in 2010, is newly available on Amazon in both print and Kindle editions – the Kindle edition is an updated version.

State of the ‘crop’ in 2013/14: This season’s mistletoe ‘crop’ (it’s not really correct to call it a crop, as it is really a by-product, and indeed pest, of old orchards, but at this time of year it does tend to enjoy higher status!) is looking excellent – lots of berries, all fully formed and ripening nicely – for pictures and comments have a look at the Mistletoe Diary.

John & Jayne Swift (Swifts bakery) with Sticky Kiss loaf – part of 2012′s Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival

Old 2012 News:

20th November 2012:Some news on mistletoe management issues this week – summarised in the Mistletoe Diary for 19th and 20th November. Also a new picture of Tenbury’s Stick Kiss loaf (pictured left – full story here).  Try not to look too hard at the ‘mistletoe’ in the picture though – it’s plastic… 

16th November 2012: This week has seen a number of wholly inaccurate media reports about mistletoe berries being in short supply this year ‘due to the wet spring/summer and no pollination‘. These stories are totally untrue. The reality is that there are plenty of mistletoe berries this season, and pollination took place, as it always does, in February/March when the weather was normal/good.



Worcestershire’s Green Santa visits the Mistletoe Auctions and meets auctioneer Nick Champion, December 2011

For general news updates have a look at Jonathan Briggs’ Mistletoe Diary.


For information on mistletoe events, including the Tenbury Wells Mistletoe Festival, this season have a look at our Events page.


And if you are interested in taking part in a survey about Mistletoe, read about the Mistletoe League Project on our Survey page.  Gathering information about how mistletoe is, or isn’t, managed on fruit trees is a particular aim of the survey.



For straight-talking mistletoe gossip  visit Jonathan Briggs’ Mistletoe Diary.  Here he is up a tree for a Country Living magazine feature in December  2011.

There is, of course, ongoing mistletoe news throughout the season on Jonathan Briggs’ Mistletoe Diary, which you can follow on WordPress or via Facebook or Twitter.  There are Facebook and Twitter links at the top of the right-hand column.

The English Mistletoe Shop, and other online mistletoe outlets will be trading from the autumn – and in the case of the English Mistletoe Shop products will continue to include Fresh Mistletoe in season, and Grow-kits for Gardeners.