Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Mistletoe designs

Edgar-William Brandt’s Boule de Gui paperweight – which came in several variants, including lamp-bases. 1920-1925

Mistletoe’s distinctive branching pattern, leaf-pairs and berries are perfect for art nouveau design, and from the 1890s through to the 1930s were regularly used in designs from continental Europe.

There was often an association, at least in France, with the tradition of mistletoe as a symbol of luck and peace at New Year, with many items inscribed with the phrase ‘au gui l’an neuf/nouveau’ – gui being the French word for mistletoe.

A few examples of art nouveau design are shown here – without any detailed interpretation, just to demonstrate the range and style of some of the items.

Some posters with illustrations of items from this period, are available for download lower down this page.

Rene Lalique’s Gui bowl c 1921. This bowl was produced in several colour variants.

Rene Lalique’s Druide Vase c 1924. This vase was produced in several colour variants.



Rene Lalique’s Boule de Gui Vase – also made in various colurs and finishes

Lalique’s Chandelier Boule De Gui







Detail from a Louis Majorelle inlaid table, with mistletoe design and new year slogan


Posters to download, and postcards to buy

Posters: The Mistletoe Matters Consultancy assembled some examples of art nouveau mistletoe for an exhibition in 2005, and some of the resulting posters are available to download here.  Click the links below to download each one – they’re large files between 1 and 4 MB in size and optimised to print at about 300 by 450 mm.




















Postcards: The English Mistletoe Shop has a small stock of mistletoe art nouveau postcards from the same exhibition project.

There are 4 cards in each pack, each with an envelope.  All are illustrated in the compilation image on the left.

Click here or on the image to go to the shop website.






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