Mistletoe in Art

Detail from mistletoe-decorated glassware by Daum Frères of Nancy, France

Mistletoe in Art? Probably an odd concept to most people. But with its distinctive shapes and colours (there aren’t many other white-berried plants) the traditional European mistletoe has a long-established place in both seasonal and non-seasonal art.

Examples of seasonal art are presented on the Christmas and New Year pages. Christmas mistletoe imagery is common everywhere today, but New Year material is more of a continental Europe tradition.

But the best mistletoe art is from the Art Nouveau period, when the characteristic shapes of European Mistletoe inspired many designs

Other ‘Christmas’ mistletoes, though less distinctive in shape, also have some history in art – though only in their case it is only for Christmas. The visual difference between classic European Mistletoe, and the less distinctive American ‘Christmas’ Mistletoe is demonstrated below:

European Mistletoe – distinctively branched and leaved as well as being green and white

American Mistletoe – green and white but conventionally branched


European mistletoe
on the left

American mistletoe
on the right







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