Three year old Mistletoe seedling on apple

Many people want to grow their own mistletoe – but often get conflicting advice on how to do it.

There is almost a whole mythology about it, based on confused understanding of what mistletoe needs and how it grows.

A few of the usual myths are listed below. Click here to go straight to instructions on how to grow your own, or here if you want information on Grow-Your-Own Kits.

Remember this website is about the Viscum album the traditional mistletoe of Europe. Growing advice given here is for that species, and may not be suitable for other species of mistletoe.

        • “seeds have to pass through a bird to germinate” – not true!
        • “seeds need the fertilisation from bird droppings to germinate” - not true!
        • “seeds should be placed under a flap in the host bark” - not true!
        • “seeds should be covered in muslin/raffia/etc to hold them in place” - not true!
        • “seeds must be planted on the same host as their parent plant” - not true!
        • “the best location is in old fissured bark” - not true!

For detailed growing instructions click here.

If you want information on Grow-Your-Own Kits click here


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