Information Sheets

Information Sheets and other downloads

Mistletoe information sheets (top of page) and downloadable posters (scroll on down) are available on this page.

Information sheets

A new set of mistletoe information sheets from the Mistletoe Matters Consultancy, developed in 2012-2014:

Botanical Mistletoe Poster to download and postcards to buy:


Poster: The Mistletoe Matters Consultancy has a mistletoe poster available to download.  It’s a large file (about 1.2 MB) and is optimised to print at about 300 by 450 mm.  Click the image to download it.




Postcards and cards: The English Mistletoe Shop has a small stock of mistletoe postcards and other cards featuring historic prints of mistletoe.

The postcards are in a mixed pack of 4. Click here or the links below to visit the shop.


Mistletoe Art Nouveau Posters to download, and postcards to buy

Visit our Mistletoe Art pages for full information about mistletoe imagery in the art nouveau period.

Posters: The Mistletoe Matters Consultancy assembled some examples of art nouveau mistletoe for an exhibition in 2005, and some of the resulting posters are available to download here.  Click the links below to download each one – they’re large files between 1 and 4 MB in size and optimised to print at about 300 by 450 mm.



















Postcards: The English Mistletoe Shop has a small stock of mistletoe art nouveau postcards from the same exhibition project.

There are 4 cards in each pack, each with an envelope.  All are illustrated in the compilation image on the left.

Click here or on the image to go to the shop website.



French Mistletoe Harvest Poster to download


The Mistletoe Matters Consultancy has assembled some vintage (1920s and 30s) pictures of the French Mistletoe Harvest and export to the UK.

It can be downloaded here (or click on the image).  Note that it is a large file (about 4 MB) and is optimised to print at about 300 by 450 mm.




A Little Book About Mistletoe

Looking for a book about mistletoe? There aren’t many available but Jonathan Briggs’ little book introducing all aspects of mistletoe, first published in 2010, is newly (from autumn 2013) available on Amazon.

There are both print and Kindle editions.