Where to buy

Where to buy Mistletoe?

Well, a lot depends on where you are. If you’re in Britain there are various ways to obtain mistletoe, depending on where you are and how much you want.

Mistletoe Auctioneer Nick Champion with Worcestershire’s Green Santa in December 2011

In Britain
In mistletoe’s main growing areas it is often fairly easy to obtain from local traders and shops, but elsewhere you may have to make more effort, and you also run the risk of buying mistletoe that isn’t very fresh-looking.

Wholesalers wanting British mistletoe should be thinking about supply direct from the south-west midlands, and maybe going to buy it direct from the Tenbury Wells mistletoe auctions in November and December. To find out more about the auctions visit Nick Champion’s website www.nickchampion.co.uk.

But going all the way to the Tenbury Wells Auctions is not recommended if you just want a few sprigs for the living room.  If you want smaller amounts of genuine British (mainly English, but the mistletoe region does extend into Wales in lowland Gwent) mistletoe in freshly-picked condition then you need to look at other options.

If you’re online (which you are if you’re reading this!) then your best bet might be to try one of the specialist mistletoe mail order sites that have appeared in the last few years, catalysed by the original Tenbury English Mistletoe Enterprise website I helped set-up back in 2005.  That partnership no longer exists but there are several spin-offs, including my current recommendation, The English Mistletoe Shop, pictured right.

You’ll find others listed in the Mistletoe Diary each season.



Not in Britain?
If you’re in mainland Europe there are many other sources available to you – as mistletoe is much more abundant in some parts of Europe than in Britain.

Not in Europe?
If you live elsewhere then you’re probably using a different species of mistletoe entirely. For example, in the USA the usual ‘Christmas mistletoe’ is one of the Phoradendron species, which are generally harvested from southern states, with a trade traditionally centred in parts of Texas.

A Little Book About Mistletoe
Looking for a book about mistletoe? There aren’t many available but Jonathan Briggs’ little book introducing all aspects of mistletoe, first published in 2010, is newly (from autumn 2013) available on Amazon.

There are both print and Kindle editions.



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